The Story Behind The Brand

And Why She Loves What She Does



Hello Everyone! She's ChaKhan, the CEO of XoticStrands LLC.

Thank you for visiting and acting on your love for hair enhancements, by visiting our site to enjoy the online shopping experience we provide.  


XoticStrands isn't a brand for redundancy. She personally aims to tap into the desires of anyone who wants, or needs, a variation in appearance added to their everyday lifestyle. It’s true, extensions aren't for everyone, and they weren't even for her, prior to her experience with Virgin Hair. So first and foremost, the guarantee to provide a high-quality product is at the highest tier of importance for ChaKhan and the company. Secondly, an exclusive variety of options are one of many components that set the brand apart from many. Change keeps things fresh and exciting; and we'd be bored beyond measure without options to choose from so why would we keep everyone limited? Thirdly, as the company strives to provide women with more of a feeling, than just creating a look, the goal is that every person ChaKhan touches, whether through personal hair care services or through the customer service that she provides; an aura of being exceedingly well, with uplifted spirits, full of promise, confidence and strength, is what she aims to share. We all know looking your best will have you feeling your best! Throughout the years of building this brand these are a few of the attributes used to provide herself and this company with the solid foundation required for external growth.


                      Below you will find a note from the CEO:


 " XoticStrands began during the last quarter of 2009 in the small town of Kent, Ohio. Only days after publicizing the product content we carried on Facebook, I was contacted by a few hosts from a local Radio Station, and things took off from there.  I began to promote on Instagram and locals within the major cities of Cleveland and Akron enjoyed having higher quality products delivered directly to them, rather than purchasing what was so readily available in the stores.


From 2010 to  2012 product knowledge became the overall mission of the company, allowing me to build many business relationships locally and abroad. During the last quarter of  2012 I had hit my highest sales volume and decided that although sales were at an all-time high, I needed to make a sacrifice and take a few steps back in order to go many more steps forward. I decided to return to Cosmetology school so that I could implement my hair styling talent, into the company that I built from the ground up. 


In the fall of 2013, I graduated from Inner State Beauty School with 925 hrs being transferred from Paul Mitchell the Academy in Twinsburg, Ohio. I took my initial state board exams and passed both the written and managing exams with flying colors! However I failed my practical exams. In other words, I failed my hands- on component of the exam! I COULDN'T BELIEVE IT!!!  On the mandatory pre-scheduled date of my second trip to State Board, I drove in a blizzard, and ended up being 8 minutes late! Needless to say, I had to take a third trip down to state board, before I passed my hands on exams, and It wasn’t until FEBRUARY 12TH 2014, before I was able to work as a licensed stylist. A true fight indeed!


From February 2014 to May 2014 I worked in a 3 suite salon, as one of their booth renters.  From July 2014 to April 2015 I managed to work 5 jobs; selling hair, selling construction contracts, working for the State as a Cosmetologist for the Mental Health Board, working at a different salon, and also bar-tending!!! All simultaneously! Talk about keeping the due diligence to excel


Well, (deep sigh) it  all paid off, On July 1, 2015, when I purchased my first multicultural salon. As I reflect on my escalated tenure as a stylist and the positions held in the areas of product sales, booth renting, private contracting, and owning my own salon, I'd say my most favorite experience of all is providing quality products to consumers. Now that I have the educational knowledge and skill to accentuate my practical education, along with the passion for sales and the development of business relationships with manufacturers; I aspire to use my experiences to continue building the Xotic Strands Brand for consumers. Today, I am a Hair Connoisseur providing consultation services to Salons and Stylist all over the world.  I'm very excited for what the future holds, and I'm beyond blessed to be in the position to help other women and entrepreneurs who are aiming to reach both their personal and financial goals within this industry.


My core values revolve around integrity and truth, and I'm most appreciative of all things authentic. With keeping my own standards in mind, I wanted to build a company and website that was true to the dynamics of the person who built them.  Within this site you will see many of my original photos dating back to  early 2010 just a few months after starting our company; a testament to our personal expectation of authenticity and consistency.  I thank everyone who's been patient, and those who have contributed to my growth, the companies and stylists who have established business relationships with us, those who sent referrals, and the lastly, the unwavering support received from close friends and family."


Love, ChaKhan