How Long Does It Take For My Order To Arrive Considering The Pandemic?

Any item that is in-stock will ship within 24 hours and should arrive to your door in 5-7 business days. Any item that is not in-stock can take 10-15 business days. Anything that is a special request and made custom will arrive in 21 days or less. All products are shipped using USPS, FedEx, or UPS; depending on your needs. Orders placed outside of the USA require special attention and require proper confirmations to ensure the receipt of goods. I highly encourage you to contact us here.

How Long Will My Hair Last ?

We offer 3 tiers of  Virgin Hair quality. The life span of your texture depends on the tier you select. Attributes like being tangle free and experiencing very minimal shedding are standard qualities shared among all three tiers. Raw Virgin Hair will maintain its natural texture for the life of your product use.  Textured Virgin Hair also known on our site as Premium Virgin Hair, will lose its definition over time revealing its original, and pure texture. Expect your Virgin XoticStrands to last 1-3 yrs or more, depending on the way your care for your products.

What Is The Return and Refund Policy ?

"Bad Batches" will surface, as we are importing Raw Virgin Human Hair. It must be made clear that no two bundles will ever be the exact same in texture, luster, or elasticity, as each bundle of hair is manufactured into its own attachment method , and each bundle comes from one individual donor. In instances where you have received a bad batch of XoticStrands, its best to consider that everyone's definition of a "good batch" will vary depending on what's desired from their point of view. Raw hair is donor specific. Usually in the event that  a "good batch" has tangled  badly, more than likely that bundle of hair has been "Dropped" during manufacturing, and the cuticles are no longer aligned in the same direction. In this instance, the first requirement of the consumer is to remove the bundle from installation and return the defective product within 10 days  for examination. The date of your return shipment, is used to qualify that you've met our demand, and qualify for an exchange. If the bundle does not meet the quality standard that XoticStrands provides & guarantees, those bundles will be replaced. NO QUESTIONS ASKED!! All raw virgin hair items are shipped and approved  for quality by XS Staff, prior to shipping them out to our customers. Textured Virgin Hair and Premium hair however, are not. 

Disclaimer: For customers who are out of state, shipping costs to return products to XoticStrands must be paid by the consumer, if the bundles are not truly defective they will be returned to the customer at their own expense. If the bundles are found to be defective shipping costs for the replacement order must be paid by XoticStrands. The tracking date issued by the shipping company will determine if the product meets the 10 day requirement for returns.

Keep in mind, a bad batch of hair, will show signs of imperfection during installation, and no amount of styling will help. Its best for us to replace your order as soon as possible. This is a VERY SELDOM OCCURRENCE at XoticStrands, but rest assured measures are in place in case of this rare instance.

How Do I Place An Order?​

Orders are placed here on our site through XS GRANTED Our Online Store.

How Can I Pay? Do You Have Financing and Layaway Options?

Orders are processed through PayPal using your email address and password or as a Guest; if You don't have a PayPal Account. As of February 2022,  XoticStrands.com also accepts Sezzle for payment options. Both companies; however, offer you the ability to have your items shipped, before making a payment in full. Layaway and financing are available for your Virgin Hair Purchases. For layaway you will be required to pay 1/3 of your total cost and the remainder within 45 days after your initial payment. The deposit is non refundable. NO exceptions! Payments on your total balance due can be made at any time. You will need to pay separately from the website and contact us to receive a PayPal Invoice instead. 

Financing options are made possible with  PayPal Credit, you'll receive an instant, reusable credit line (offered by Comenity Capital Bank) at the checkout when using your PayPal account. PayPal Credit is subject to credit approval. PayPal Credit is a line of credit that gives you the flexibility to finance your XoticStrands purchases. Get what they need now and pay over time. PayPal Credit comes with all the security that you're used to with PayPal, and you can finance payments big or small using PayPal Credit’s "No Payments and No Interest" if paid in full in 6 months on orders of $99 or more. No interest for 25 days if your purchase amount is under $99.

How Secure Is Your Site When I Order With My Credit Card ?

Always look for the "S"  in the web address prefix of "https://www." when making purchases on ANY site. This means that your payment is being processed on a secure web page and is being protected from identity theft. Because we use PayPal as our primary payment source, their interface redirects you to a new page where your credit card information is entered manually, by you, the consumer; so you can rest assured that your identity, and financial information is kept confidential. Please note that you do not have to have a paypal account to purchase your products. You can pay as a guest and still enter your credit and debit information by clicking the grey button.

Which Products Are Recommended for Hair Care Maintenance?


As a professional stylist it is recommended that sulfate free shampoos, and conditioners that compliment the hair texture that you've decided to order, are used to compliment your finished style. Use " Smoothing products" for straight hair, "Curl Defining" Conditioners for Curly Hair, and "Liquid Leave In" Conditioner, for Wavy Hair. The Brand you select is your choice. However, we encourage you to try our XoticStrands Extension Care Line  arriving soon to the online store. Our line has proven to be perfect for both your natural hair as it grows and your extensions as they lose essential vitamins and nutrients by the manufacturing process (ei: wefting process ). A commercial brand called Purology is a personal favorite, in the event that you haven't had the opportunity to purchase XS Extension Care. I also recommend Joico sulfate free products.


HAIR TIP:  If you've worn a style where you've achieved product build up on your XoticStrands, we suggest mixing more sulfate free shampoo than conditioner in a cocktail formula creating and low emulsified lather, rinsing with luke-warm water, and depending on your XS texture; apply a leave in conditioner prior to styling or air drying.

Do You Offer Wholesale Pricing For Other Companies And Hair Stylists?


Yes we do! XS Granted has an affiliate program where we offer programs specific to your salon's need and future goals.  XS requires the signature of our NDA and Non Compete confidentiality agreement. Contact us and become one of our affiliate members,  after printing & signing the confidentiality agreement, scanning & attaching the document to an email  and finally returning the document via email as an attachment. If you are located in Cleveland, Ohio and the surrounding areas of our location you can visit the salon to sign your agreement in person. Special password access is used to allow affiliates to see and shop using the wholesale pricing. There is a quantity requirement for all orders.  Fortunately, membership passwords are exclusive to the members only and sharing your password with consumers who are not affiliates can lead to your access being revoked. Your are EXCLUSIVE and it's YOUR access alone, that has been granted.

Do You Make Wigs ?

Of course! Today our wigs are hand made using Closures, Frontals, and Bundles. We also add special components to our wigs to ensure security.  Please be patient our wig category will be updated soon. For more information on our custom wigs and what's in stock keep checking the link shown below.

HD Wigs

What "KIND" Of Hair Do You Sell?

We sell Raw Virgin Hair, and Raw Virgin Hair that has been steam processed for added texture, and Premium Virgin Hair that is processed for color and texture.  In our efforts to raise the bar on product materials, quality, and exclusivity; the locale where our hair is outsourced from is kept confidential. We can assure you that all of our inventory is imported from providences within Asia, where the upmost honor and respect is reciprocated to the donors who provide our materials.


The exclusive and specific attributes that we request, makes us "The Hair Connoisseurs of the Extension Market". Our expectations have been enhanced and upgraded continuously since becoming established in 2009. We welcome you and plan to continue providing the quality standard that we've always guaranteed.



Thank you for shopping with us!