Small Curl provides so much versatility in regard to styling. This texture can be worn in its natural state to resemble a natural 3b texture and blend effortlessly with your own natural hair; or it can be worn in its wet and  wavy state to define the s shape pattern of the curls. Dont be surprised by your ability to flat iron this texture and wear it bone straight on Friday, only to shampoo it and watch its natural curls reform on Monday. Small Curl gives you options!

Small Curl

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Color: Natural Color
  • Small Curl should be cleaned and maintained with products  that coincide with your styling goals. If you're wearing this texture in its natural curly state, I'd recommend using curl enhancing and defining, sulfate free shampoos and conditioners,along with curl creams to keep your hair frizz free. If you were interested in wearing this style straight, I would recommend using smoothing shampoos and conditioners that are also sulfate free and a heat protectant for flatironing.