What Does XS Stand For?

Our #1 priority is maintaining integrity within our products and customer service. While purposefully striving to maintain consistent quality, we are sure to keep the interest of satisfied customers. With many different hair types in our arsenal of imports, we are the trusted source for every texture and attachment method available on the market. The goal is to provide seamless and sophisticated looking extensions so that only you and your stylist are aware of the enhancements. Xotic Strands represents anything that is: Unusual; and mysterious. To be  Xotic means to be alluring, alien-like, avant garde , bizarre, and colorful. Being Xotic entices curiosity, of something different. Xotic is external, extraneous, extraordinary, extrinsic, far out, fascinating, glamorous, imported, introduced, outlandish, outside, peculiar, peregrine, romantic, strange, striking, unfamiliar, unusual, way out , and even surprisingly weird- in the most positive of ways, making the components of this brand HARD TO FIND, and DUPLICATE.



Secondly, we believe that good business is beneficial for all parties involved, so our wholesale partners have opportunities to earn both passive and residual income by receiving wholesale pricing that gives a ROI that they're proud of.


We also believe in giving back to the community, using our professional skills to provide services to those who are in need. Referral services are rendered to members in the community as they strive to reach specific milestones, specifically associated with reaching their career goals. If you would like information on how to refer anyone needing confidential support, contact our lead stylist ChaKhan. Please email sales@xoticstrands.com.